Problem-Solving Vol. 2

Western Horsmen
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his book begins where Problem-Solving Vol. 1 left off. Although it covers specific problems not addressed in the first book, you¡¯ll definitely notice a common thread between the two. For example, the principles of feel, timing and balance are the same throughout both books. Those principles ¡© making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult, adjusting to fit the situation and the relationship between pressure and the timing of the release ¡© are fundamental in the approach to solving any problem.
Marty will help you develop a willing partnership with your horse!

This book covers:

* Halter-braking Problems
* Hoof- and Leg-handling Problems
* Cinchy and Difficult-to-saddle Horses
* Mounting Problems
* Head-shy, Ear-shy, Hard-to-bridle Horses
* Problems Riding One-handed, Neck-reining
* Trail-riding Problems and Distractions
* Good Trail-riding Habits and Techniques
* Develop Trust and Confidence through Cattle Work
* Make Every Ride an Adventure

(softcover 230 pages, photographs)