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This CD is a collection of original material performed by Blues artists who met on "bulletin board" posting communities on the Internet called Blues-L and the BluesList. The participating artists are all respected professional musicians who represent many different facets of the Blues.
The idea for the project originated with Silk City president and producer Andy Allu, who realized that a compilation that featured these participants would serve to showcase regional artists from all over North America, while providing some focus on the clusters of blues communities that thrive around the world. After a painstaking review of the many outstanding submissions, fifteen artists were selected for the compilation. Ed Vadas (Massachusetts), The Robin Banks Blues Band (Canada), Sean Carney (Ohio), Son Lewis (New Jersey), Roxy Perry, Mark the Harper (New York), Scott Perry (West Virginia), BC and the Blues Crew (Pennsylvania), P.W. Fenton (Florida), Lisa Otey (Arizona), The Boilerhouse Blues Band (Wisconsin), Wendy DeWitt, Barry Levenson Kenny "Blue" Ray, and Ironman Mike Curtis (California) are all featured artists.